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Barbadillo Quadis 2022

A Spanish wine rich in red fruits and sweet spices with a nice complexity.
GrapeSyrah|Cabernet Sauvignon|Tintilla de Rota
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What We Say

A Spanish wine rich in red fruits and sweet spices with a nice complexity.

What They Say

With its fruity aromas and wonderfully intense colour, this wine is the perfect accompaniment to tapas and appetizers such as Iberian ham, cheese, nuts, olives, caviar canapés, salmon, sautéed, piquillo peppers and leek or spring-onion vol-au-vonts. Its pleasant yet intense flavour stands up well to dishes such as char-grilled meats, beef stews, chicken curry, sautéed vegetables with meat or prawns, rice dishes with vegetables, pork tenderloin and baked potatoes filled with foie gras or meat. It is also the perfect way to finish a meal when served alongside strong cheeses or even fruit,especially pear, poachedin the very same wine.

About The Producer Barbadillo

Quadis, inspired by the former name of the city of Cadiz, is the first Andalusian red wine from the land where it was born. We have chosen to honour one of the most important historical settlements with this wine, as it not only shares the same name, but it also boasts the same grandeur. Produced from Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Tempranillo and Tintilla de Rota grapes, consumers will be enticed by this wine’s intense red colour, intoxicated by its aromas of fruit, spice and cinnamon, and fascinated by its impressively smooth and silky palate.

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