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Bonville Grand Cru

A great favorite of the year like the rosé cuvée, fresh, elegant, charming, a delight.
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What We Say

A great favorite of the year like the rosé cuvée, fresh, elegant, charming, a delight.

What They Say

The light yellow color adorned with sparkling reflections of this vintage is accompanied by fine discrete bubbles forming a bead persistent. On the nose, the maturity of the cuvée is confirmed by a richness of gourmet scents among which we distinguish scents of fresh fruit (mirabelle plum, pear and banana) supported by one side toasted. The generous delicacy of the mouth is confirmed by the presence rich aromas of mango, orange and mirabelle plum. Finally, violet notes can recall those of the best Viogniers de Condrieu. Powerful for a young vintage, this meal wine will know sublimate a crispy quail with raisins, a foie gras or a finely cooked shoulder of lamb.

About The Producer Champagne Franck Bonville

Olivier Bonville represents the fourth generation and continues the family tradition. Our 77 plots represent 15 hectares of vineyards located on 3/3 communes organised with the attentive work of our teams, which allows us to guarantee the intrinsic quality of our grapes. A great Champagne is produced by primarily obtaining a beautiful grape, which should be picked at perfect maturity. Our vineyard is moving towards the certification High Environmental Value (label awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture). Each of our projects are adapted to both land and science. At the end of the harvest, we plow the soil so that the winter naturally finishes the decompaction of the soil. We seek to reflect the freshness and finesse of our chalky lands in our wines. In our wines you will discover the authenticity of our land, the white coast and the minerality of our limestone subsoil.

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2019 Les Trophées Champenois

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