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Gin au Safran ‘Rose des Vents’ 50cl

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The latest creation of La Grange "Rose des Vents" distillery is a journey between the history of Gin and that of Saffron. When the English colonized India in 1750, they obviously took Gin in their trunks. India being a land of spices, the colonial bourgeoisie offered themselves the luxury of flavoring Gin with saffron, whose pistils with unique medicinal and aromatic properties give it all its nobility. The existence of a saffron farm ten minutes from the distillery then sounds like an obvious collaboration. A first distillation composed of Alsatian juniper, coriander, lemon, pepper, cardamom, ... will be the basis for an extraction by cold infusion of saffron and will give it this golden color.

About The Producer Distillerie Lagrange

To pay tribute to their heritage, three friends decided to set up a distillery in the heart of the Alsace, next to Colmar. A farmhouse in Sainte-Croix-en-Plaine has ended up being at the core of their adventure, as its been chosen to houses their elaborate still. With this in mind and obviously the strong relationship that these 3 friends have with their roots, the distillery has been named ‘La Grange’.

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