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Hysope Ginger Beer 1 litre – dluo nov 2024

French organic ginger beer with plenty of freshness and spice
RegionSouth West
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What We Say

French organic ginger beer with plenty of freshness and spice

What They Say

NOSE I A heady and spicy side with the ginger that jumps out at the nose. MOUTH I The real taste of ginger, we feel the earthy and rooty side FINAL I Peppery, spicy which retains a very pronounced length Our ginger comes from India and has been carefully selected to provide freshness at the start of the tasting and a spicy touch at the end of the mouth. No addition of pepper, chilli or lemon in our recipes, we have kept the naturalness of the product, for a premium French mixer with a strong taste! Ginger Beer HYSOPE is usually drunk with all brown spirits and a slice of lemon, but you can also enjoy it with Gins en London Mule. Prefer very aromatic gins to ensure a good balance. Finally, you can also test the Moscow Mule with vodka.

About The Producer Hysope

Our entire range of tonics and ginger beer is made from ingredients of organic origin, and all of our recipes have been certified organic by the French organization ECOCERT. We wanted to offer the healthiest products to the finest palates, because quality ingredients are synonymous with premium quality mixers, we have chosen our flavours using the highest quality ingredients. We extract its quintessence to formulate our recipes for tonics and ginger beer. Hysope is the result of true French craftsmanship. Our aromas come from Provence, our tonics are bottled near Cognac, and our labels are printed in Brittany. Recommended by the most advanced bartenders, we make it a point of honor to work with the entire French mixologist scene from spirits brands to bartenders to the establishments.

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