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Rhum A1710 Bête à Feu 70cl

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In the West Indies and Martinique, the traditional punch Blanc (white punch) is a real institution and an integral part of the regional culture. If you drink it upon waking, it will be called ‘decolaj’ or ‘mise à feu’ (take off and ignition). At 10 o’clock in the morning, served neat, it might simply be dubbed ‘feu’ (fire), and at noon, with the addition of a hint of sugar and a twist of lemon, your white punch might be named ‘ti feu’ (li’l fire) or ‘5%*’, the name used to describe the traditional white punch made from 95% white rum and 5% sugar. Bête à Feu boasts a bright and clear colour. On the nose, aromas of ripe pressed sugarcane, flowers and luscious tropical fruits evolve into a mineral character underlined by a hint of citrus. A smooth and intense ensemble. In the mouth, we are transported by floral and fruity flavours combined with cane juice. A very round rum that delivers a beautiful lingering finish rich in mineral notes.

About The Producer A1710

In 2006, a dream was born in Martinique, carried by Yves Assier de Pompignan: to breathe new life into the Habitation du Simon, an ancestral witness to the island's history since 1710. The A1710 distillery, the fruit of this vision, emerged after years of determination, becoming the first to reopen its doors after a long sleep. A1710 reinvents traditions, combining family heritage and innovation. Each step, from harvesting the sugar cane to distillation in the Charente Copper still, is imbued with this duality, mixing tradition and modernity. The A1710 rums, the result of slow fermentation and meticulous aging in barrels impregnated with sea and mountain winds, capture the very essence of the island. A1710 frees itself from the AOC by using a hybridized Charentais still coper with a seven- plate column which allows this unique aromatic signature.

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