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Whisky Islay Mist Original 70cl

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Islay Mist Original is a luscious, powerful whisky. Smoky aromas interact with notes of iodine on the nose. The palate is balanced with the aromas of toasted cereals. The sweet finish bewitches with hints of peat, caramel and coffee. • Crafted from malted barley and grain whisky, including the celebrated single malt from the Laphroaig distillery • Double distilled in pot stills • Aged in oak barrels

About The Producer Islay Mist

Islay Mist whiskies epitomize the Isle of Islay. These blends offer a perfect balance between peaty and smoky notes and the sea air so typical of Islay. The brand was created in 1922 by Lord Margadale to mark his 21st birthday. Fearing the local single malt (known as Laphroaig at the time) might be too strong for his guests, he developed what would later become Islay Mist: a blend of Laphroaig, Highland malts (including the famous Glenlivet) and grain whiskies from the Lowlands. The resulting profiles are perfectly balanced and flavored, and can be enjoyed by both peat novices and aficionados.

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